Two Creators...

Both grew up in Kansas and met in 2007, shortly before the conception of the first inklings of what would later come to be known as Ancient Chronicles. Both compliment each other's developmental styles, and they work together seamlessly to continue the creation of the universe.

Kimberlea Heili

Kimberlea is a concept artist, creature designer, and budding web developer. She loves to tell stories and spends her time daydreaming, researching, and bringing to life worlds and characters. She currently lives in Florida where one might find her raiding an unsuspecting pantry.

Also Known As:
Kim, Creator of Chaos, Mama Whisper, Whisper Hail

Samuel Page

Samuel is an avid worldbuilder and storyteller. He's taken classes on photography and art, and spends many of his hours immersed in research in an effort to expand the believability of his work. He has a deep love for magpies, crows, ravens, and other corvids.

Also Known As:
Sam, Creator of Order, Papa Kaden, Kaden Daggs, Quil

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...One Massive Story

Legend has it that the universe was created by powerful beings known as Ancients. It's said that a dark evil had risen, but the Ancients sacrificed themselves to save what they had created. However, when the taint began to spread and horrific monsters began to emerge, everthing everyone had ever known ceased to be. And now with a great darkness threatening to plunge the universe into ruinous chaos, any hope of restoring the peace has begun to fade ever farther away.

Ancient Chronicles is a science fiction and fantasy webcomic epic. It is truly a tale that will never end. The story is heavily molded by personal experience, the voices of many, and way too many nights spent researching weird things. Readers step into a beautifully imperfect world marred by corruption and discourse.

What makes AC so unique is its heavy focus on worldbuilding and lore, its inclusitivity, and how it knits together a perfect balance of both science fiction and fantasy. AC's characters are highly relatable, dynamic, and most certainly memorable. Much of what exists in the world of Ancient Chronicles has been forged by the happenings of reality...

...with a twist of the imagination.

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