Asiran Elder: Asira is swarming with thieves and bandits! They're pillaging towns and villages and caravans. Blood has been spilt and my people's sacred masks are bieng desecrated!

Elder 2: Ha! You think you all have it bad?! We're enduring uprisings of cults! They're slaughtering MY people, destroying sacred ground, and threatening to overthrow stable leaderships!

Elder Dyrun: Ahem... The demon presence on Serpentis is still strong and only getting stronger. Even with Naga frozen in the Dark Zone, her influence can still be felt amongst the locals. During our dark winters, the demons spread like wild fire. Our local Arani, Naraxus, is still doing quite a deal of damage to the environment when he comes to harvest aranite from the planet. The frequency of his visits has increased in the last few decades. I don't believe the two issues are related, but...with the Arani and the demons about, Serpentis is in a state of disarray.

Zarix: How unfortunate.

Tayanan: What more is going on in our world? Who else has something to say?