Crowds: Screaming and yelling...

Person 1: I saw demons!

Mother: My family is afraid to go outside in the cities with all the gangs running around like they own the place!

Kids: Mom please stop.... Oh my gosh mom really?!

Fluffy Person 1: A monster attacked our village! Not a demon or a beast! It was a ghost! A wraith! It was black with red eyes and a horrible tongue!

Fluffy Person 2: BAH!!! It was just a wind serpent! I told you! The ones with blask wispy scales.

Fluffy Person 1: No it wasn't! I know what I saw! It was a Corrupt! The monsters of old! I've read about them!

Fluffy Person 2: Bahhh!!! Those are just mythical beasts! You still believe in those fairytales?!