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Ancient Chronicles

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This comic contains adult themes and content that may not be suitable for everyone. Viewer discretion is advised.

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January 1, 2024

Happy new year! We're starting off fresh with a brand new look. Our lovely creator of chaos has been developing our new website since mid 2023. There are some hurdles and different directions being explored. Either way, sometime in the spring our whole website should be live. Comics are being chipped at little by little. The first few pages that were released are being freshened up a bit and half of the first chapter is either fully inked, revised, flat colored, and ready to be finished or still being editted.

Things will continue to be slow in January but we expect to see things pick up a bit as the holidays, travel, etc. come and go. Be sure to join us on Discord for updates because we kind of suck at updating social media.

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About Ancient Chronicles

It's said that the Ancients gave their lives to end a great war, bringing many eras of peace. Now the universe finds itself on the brink of collapse when a shadow of the distant past returns. And this time…the Ancients aren't there to face it.

Ancient Chronicles is a long-format webcomic rich with lore and world building. It marries science fiction with high fantasy elements. The story was born of two nerds and is built on their experiences, countless hours of research, and the influences of friends and family. Its beginnings go back as far as 2007 and has since transformed many times in many ways.

Kimberlea Heili

Samuel Page

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